Reboo is a colourful and dynamic website that I can confidently pick up and instantly project on the IWB if I am covering a tutor group at short notice; with minimal planning needed the resource is unbeatable for delivering small-group assemblies to a ‘vertical tutor group’ where the materials need to engage students.

Jacqui, assistant head

I think Reboo is good because it makes you think about other people. It is never, ever boring, it always gives you a positive feeling when you go to your first lesson.

Maria, year 7

As a tutor Reboo has completely changed the beginning of the day for me. Students are eager to do the assemblies. They enjoy being proactive and leading from the front. They are always interested in the content, it is a wonderful balance of music, art, social awareness and the Christian ethos. It is also pitched at just the right level for years seven to eleven

Mary, Teacher/Tutor

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Welcome to Reboo

images/pages/reboo home_83284.jpg REBOO rethinks the ‘assembly space’ and has created a platform where young people can be inspired, engaged and importantly respond.

Reboo is an interactive online assembly website which is ideal for form times or small groups. Along with their teacher, students can easily navigate the site’s content to discuss life issues with their peers in the classroom, taking ownership of their moral and spiritual development and having fun in the process. Annual subscription with weekly updates for just £299!